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We are so excited to share our songs with you! We hope that you read through the pages here to discover that Cris and Lou are a a little bit more than just a couple of musicians. We hope you take the time to learn about our social and charitable engagements, our passion for education and for spreading goodness using music as the main tool. Not only are Cris and Lou’s songs fun and catchy tunes for child and parent, but they are also are meant to foster social and emotional learning. In fact- our first album, Cris and Lou and the Virtues is full of songs addressing behaviors that could often be a source of conflict between parent and child. Indeed, the songs would be addressing virtues like brushing one’s teeth, eating healthy food, showing good manners by being courteous and gracious, as well as bedtime, morning time and sharing during playtime. Why don’t you click on the medley in the Cris and Lou drawing on the right for a sample?

You can also find out about upcoming shows and find Cris and Lou videos and photos on the respective pages. If you visit our shop, you will be able to be directed to various virtual places to buy our CD, book or app or to order the hard copy of our CD. You will also find some interesting reading in our blog section - about parenting, advice from experts, etc.

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Hear a medley of our songs here:

Cris & Lou and the Virtues
Breaking News: 
BOOK Release! 
Cris and Lou released this fun first book of the Cris and Lou Along-With a Song series. It is our songs illustrated with a link to a free download to the song so your little beginner-reader can hear, look and read at the same time! 
Featured in Parents Express:

Cris and Lou are excited to be featured in the Montgomery media publication Parents Express in the March issue. Read about all our projects in this nice profile
Honored as Sponsors: 
It was so much fun attending the Komen Race for the Cure Kick off Party February 7th! We are proud to be sponsors of this wonderful organization! 

Cris & Lou
Blanket Drive
We are so grateful for
all the wonderful helpers who donated blankets to our drive. We were able to hand out 40 blankets to very cold and grateful individuals at Logan Square!


May 2013: Excerpt from a thank you letter for Cris and Lou volunteering at the Komen Foundation Race for the Cure:

“Dear Cris and Lou, I thank you for not just what your hard work and passion brought to me this Race season but, more importantly, what you gave to the tens of thousands who fundraised and united on Eakins Oval for the Race and the Dash. You gave them hope and encouragement. You assured them if breast cancer looms ahead, they have a friend walking right by their side. You gave adults comfort knowing their children have that same steadfast support… and gave children confidence they have the power to make a difference. Whomever that "Gertie" is in their lives… whatever that cherished experience they Race to preserve… you empowered them to fulfill their personal missions and save lives.”

Elaine I. Grobman, Chief Executive Officer - Susan G. Komen Foundation, Philadelphia

January 2013: Excerpt from blogspot review: “Cris and Lou were great!! Very easy to work with, reasonably priced (I called around to quite a few places) and the kids had a great time with them! They focus on original songs as well as the beloved favorites. They have lots of songs about sharing, and cleaning up and even potty training! Very relevant stuff for these little toddlers! :)

- Reina    -- Read the whole review here:

January 2011:

Our niece loves it. She dances and claps along. Her favorite is the good morning song, and the sleepy time song. Her mother says her favorites are the tooth brushing song and the potty training song (typical mom, LOL). Looks like you have a hit on your hand!

  1. -Kathleen

February 2011:

We love your CD! Our favorite songs so far are good morning and Brush Your teeth. I’m pretty sure the potty training song will be a staple in our home as well!

  1. -Amy

March 2011

Thank you for your music. I listen to it all the time, because it is one of the few children’s CDs that do not annoy me! If you make more, send them along!

  1. -Katie

July 2011 - after one of Cris and Lou’s many visits at the Children’s hospital playing music room by room:

Thank you so much for stopping by my son’s room last week . The musical break was really appreciated!

  1. -Fran

October 2011 -Itunes review:

Great album! I bought one song, then another, then another until I realized the entire album if chock full of songs that my kids would learn from and love. It makes the car rides that much more fun. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in bringing positive messages to their children through music.

- J Brabbe

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